One way lighting wiring

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Most modern lighting installations use the loop in method for connecting up one way lighting circuits.

One wire connects to COM, and the other wire to L1. A piece of brown sleeving is used on the blue wire, as both wires are live. (fig. 1). The diagram belove shows the new colour codes.

One way switch wiring

Fig.1 One way lighting wiring.

1. Lighting-circuit cable (two core & earth)
2. Light flex (three-core)
3. Switch cable (two core & earth)
4. Ceiling rose

Earth wires have been omitted from diagram for clarity, but must be connected at all earth terminals.

If you are using a plastic switch the earth wire will need to be connected to the terminal in the terminal box. Do not cut the earth wire off.
If you are using metal light switches make sure you connect the earth wire to the earth terminal on the switch and fit an earth link wire from the switch to the earth terminal in the back box.

A two way light switch can also be used in in place of a one way light switch. One wire connects to COM, and the other wire to L1. The L2 terminal is unused.

Two way switch

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